Pet Portraits

Portraits Are Forever

Pets aren’t in our lives as long as we want them to be, but a portrait of them can be with us forever. Commissioning portraits to memorialize a pet is important for remembering the joy they brought during the time you had with them.

It’s a huge honor for me to be asked to paint somebody’s loved one. Their personalities pop in each piece, and it brings me joy to see clients react to a painting that captures all the things that make their pet unique. 

Painting pet portraits is where I am most meticulous about my painting process. I want each portrait to be perfect, hitting all the marks. When I paint someone’s pet, the eye color, the lip curl, the whiskers all have to be just right. Otherwise, it’s just another black lab or tabby cat.

8x10" & up

Starting at $225

12x12" & up

Starting at $325

12x16" & up

Starting at $425

A 50% down payment is due before any pet portrait begins.
All payments are non-refundable. Payment in full is due upon completion.

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I require crisp, clear photos with good lighting. I prefer photos from different angles to ensure I capture all sides of your pet correctly.

The Process

When I do pet portraits, I send photos of the process along the way. I welcome your feedback on what you love and what isn’t right. When you get the final piece, I want you to know you were involved in the process.


Commissioned art has a minimum turnaround time of two weeks after a down payment is made. Turnaround time can vary based on size and number of pets featured in the portrait.

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The artist holds rights to all originals. Your commissioned work may be used for prints or on merchandise in the future.